"You're sour as a lemon and sassy as fuck"

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I have been feeling a little bummed lately. I put on a bunch of weight and now it’s hot and I got out all my old sun dresses and nothing actually fits me anymore. Which would be fine except I am not working at the moment so I cant go out and buy all the beautiful things I want (that will make me feel fabulous regardless… retail therapy like woah)

But these things happen I suppose and you just have to roll with it.

So sometimes I take a little quiet time and practice some self love in the hopes that the pile of pretty clothes that don’t fit me anymore wont ruin my day and make me feel less of a person because of the size of my belly and butt.

I am soft and lovely and badass. Just try and mess with me.

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    Reminders to myself. Things are rough but I am excellent and adored just as I am
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    I love this body.
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